Charles Aquino is a graduate of UC Irvine, has been an optician and an independent consultant for the healthcare industry for 12 years. Charles currently manages the operations of multiple small businesses across the nation.

My Consulting Philosophy

The very core of any technological system in an efficient business setting is the handling, preservation, and transport of data. It can be anything from:

  • A prescription from your doctor, transferred from the exam chair, sent electronically to the lab, final inspected against your management software.
  • An online order for an item from the website, payment transferred to the bank, order request transferred directly to the warehouse, packing information directed to the shipping department.

Accuracy can be preserved throughout the process ONLY IF the data integrity can be maintained electronically.

As a consultant, it is my duty to identify the points of entry of this data, implement technological solutions to ensure a smooth and efficient flow of data, and enact clear protocols/procedures to mitigate any human factors affecting the integrity of data. If those steps are implemented, then tracking, analyzing, and acting on data becomes simple.

Practice Management Experience

When I first started working in the optical industry in 2005, I was instantly immersed into a hybrid practice management (PM) and electronic health records (EHR) software workflow.

​I have performed successful setup and implementations of multiple PM software:

  • Managed and performed 9 successful PM/EHR installation and conversions: Officemate (2), CrystalPM (4), EyefinityEHR (1), EyePegasus(1), & OpenDental (1).
  • Implemented, coordinated, and trained on multiple software integrations and special features: VSP integration, Patient Communication tools (Weave, Websystems3, DemandForce, SolutionReach), Lens Loader, Inventory Management, Electronic Lab Ordering, Electronic Claims, Electronic Remittance Advice.
  • Coordinated over 20 major PM/EHR software updates.
  • Created over 1,000 pages of fully customized standard operating procedure manuals
  • Created a system of reports for Officemate, CrystalPM, & EyePegasus to produce key metrics.

As an optometric practice management consultant, I believe it is my duty to chart and immerse myself with the path of data and patient workflow in a practice, then optimize it with technological solutions and uniform training, all within the constraints of HIPAA, government, and insurances rules and regulations.