Charles Aquino


I'm Charles Aquino, an optician, IT professional, freelance writer, and a business/practice management consultant.

I write about practice management, business development strategies, and personal finance. Take a look at my practice management blog here: OD Best Practices. You may have also seen my personal finance articles featured on the DoughRoller Blog.

My primary focus is in assisting optometrists and small businesses owners in setting goals and implementing low-cost business development strategies in order to meet them.

I accomplish this in the following ways:

  • Offering technological solutions for optimal efficiency
  • Providing techniques to increase market penetration
  • Ensuring proper training and implementation
  • Creating policies and procedures to ensure an office culture of compliance and positive employee engagement
  • Tracking growth and maintaining profitable practices

​I can help you create a low-cost, holistic development strategy for your business.